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Care, Maintenance, & Policies

Please read about our styles before you purchase.

Our beautiful Pinkinis are made in USA and MADE TO ORDER, therefore there will be no refunds. Exchanges on standard suits and alterations are always welcome within TWO WEEKS, as long as all the pieces are in original state, and have original tags. If you are building a custom suit for an event with a service representative via social media, there will be absolutely no refunds or exchanges. ALL exchanges must be shipped through USPS or Fedex with a tracking. Every so often, we may run a sale such as our 'Buy one get one free'- ALL items purchased are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned. . Do NOT ship UPS. If you are really unhappy with your purchase (which we rarely get) and are really in demand of a refund, we WILL deduct production cost, shipping cost, as well as PayPal fees, from your original payment. A total of $25+. If exchanging for any reason (sizing/design), we will cover production time, and shipping cost, first time only! First time meaning after you have tried on your order. It is important to reach out before you purchase. You may contact us, and get advice on what size you are within 48 hours.  

Merchandise should be packaged carefully and shipped back to: 

Pinkini Swimwear

PO Box 77941

Corona, CA 92877

Always leave a note with your package. Many of our customers have different payment/customer/mailing information. So we'll need your name. Email Address. Mailing Address. Exchange information/details. 

Keep in Mind: All styles need to be hand-washed. If you are purchasing a "fashion product" make sure to avoid getting water on the jewel, even when washing.

Anyone purchasing sequins pieces is aware that they may itch, depending on tolerance level. All of our sequins pieces are lined in a way to eliminate this issue, however, some girls may still find it to be uncomfortable. We recommend wearing them for a bit, with our tags still attached, to see how you like them. We will not exchange used products.
Due to all being hand-made, some jewelry may have metal poking out, or not full tucked. Please be careful when in use. We are not responsible for any sort of discomfort our jewelry may bring. If it's something we can fix for you, please let us know. If you can fix the jewel yourself, please do so carefully, or reach out to us for assistance. If this is a total defect due to shipping, please email us immediately.


All of our tops, besides our built-in cups (Bras, Twisty-Bandeaus) come with closed lining and standard thin inserts. Our bra tops have under wire and have slight, built-in push-up cups. Our A through B cup bras come with an extra pocket and padding. The B/C-D cups will only have the slight built in push up. Please email for a photo clarification. Our bras tie at the back, for a comfortable, fit, and have a clasp at the neck. Please note this is new. Our bra tops used to tie at the neck.


Any minor changes like adding clasps instead of ties, may be emailed to us AFTER purchase, and we can alter your order as we add it to our database. 


All of our bottoms are lined. All of our bottoms are on the cheeky side even when you request 'No Scrunch' (after you place your order). It still stays the same pattern, we simply take away the scrunch.

However, we can customize the coverage as well. This would be known as a "minor change" which can be emailed to us after your purchase.  


Our Chandelier pieces are one of our top signature sellers. When purchasing "Chandelier Bottoms" in sequins fabric, you may want to go up a size. There's "Chandelier Bottoms" and matching "Chandelier Tops". The tops have matching jewelry. The Chandelier jewelry can be paired with any fabric and comes in gold or silver chains. These bottoms are perfectly fine for water and/or heat.   We do not recommend these bottoms while performing any water sports. Although the jewelry does not get hot in the sun, nor does it rust in chlorine (but not guaranteed to last forever), these are still very delicate and should be handled with care. These are not for the girl that "breaks things easily" -excluding hearts ;)

Try to avoid touching the jewelry at all. When putting these on, your first instinct will be to hang on to the jewelry (we see this too many times).

Please hold onto the front and back fabric, and stretch accordingly. Even when you get to around the waist, only stretch on the fabric.  

You may want to wash the (gold) jewelry right after chlorine so it dries clean and lasts longer.

If the links get loose and you find a piece dangling, you may easily fix it yourself. Please contact us if this happens, and we can assist you.  If this happens during shipping, you must contact us immediately as long as the tags are still attached.  


Our Lace-Waist bottoms are also one of your favorite! These are so comfy and so sexy! The laces we pick are always great, strong quality. Some may have sequins, which are a little

more delicate (i.e Vintage Vacation bikini) but other than that, these should last you more than one season. For the Tie-Side lace bottoms, we recommend untieing the lace before it dries, so it does not dry up all wrinkly.


If you love sparkly, sequins is your favorite! We only use high quality sequins that does not fall out and all over your body. We also line the pieces in a special way to keep it from itching on the inside. This is why you may notice a price difference in sequin pieces.

We recommend that you keep these pieces away from other clothing (in your closet or suitcase) so it will not get caught in other fabrics. Our sequins are safe for water and/or sun.



We love traveling and finding original, exotic hardware! We update our website with new styles more than a few times a year. As soon as we find that

beautiful piece, we will sew it on a swimsuit and upload it to the website. We do not always test these out before they go for sale, therefore we cannot guarantee how long it will last or if it will stay cool in the sun. These are chances you take by purchasing. We do not take exchanges on pieces after our tags have been removed. For any questions or comments please contact customer service.


These are two very different terms. Lace overlay fabric is lace fabric that would be the main fabric of your suit, it is always lined at the cups, with either a nude color (for skin color) or with a solid color fabric for contrast. (i.e black lace overlay over pink lining) Lace TRIM however, is ONLY used on Triangle Lace tops and Lace-Waist or Tie-Side Lace bottoms. (you may see them on our Bra tops as well as some other styles) In other words, it's a trim of lace :)